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I believe everyone is doing the best they can and that any person can improve what ‘best’ is.  

I understand what it means to be the right piece in the wrong puzzle, to be stuck. 

To feel like your life doesn’t fit who you truly are. You know that you have a gift to give the world but have no idea how to express it.

Your potential feels bottled up and as though it may never be released.

You’re worried that you’ll wake up ten years from now and be pretty much the same person, with a similar attitude and mindset as today.  Or even worse, exactly the same.

This could be mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, romantically, financially, etc.  The list goes on. 

It could be one of these, all of these, or others that haven’t been mentioned.  The point is, the thought hovers over you like a cloud and makes you anxious day and night.

Are you really willing to throw in the towel and resign yourself to the fact that YOU can’t change?

As an arrogant and unwise teenager, I always imagined that I would grow up to be rich and famous.  Fast forward 20 years and I was neither of those things.

I found myself in a career that pays the bills but doesn’t provide any personal sense of satisfaction or accomplishment.

Today I still work full time, have a wife, two kids, exercise 6 times a week, and meditate every day.

Somehow I still manage to run this website on my own.  No writer, no assistance, no staff, just me.

I certainly haven’t reached the mountain top, but I have come a long way and have figured out some critical components to effectively managing my life and well-being.

There’s a quote I love from Wayne Dyer that goes “Don’t die with your music still in you”.  I suppose SproutNoDoubt is my music. It plays throughout the pages on this site and hopefully I can help you find yours.